Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mexican Hat Rock in Utah - An Interesting Sight

Every time that I have driven by Mexican Hat Rock in Utah, I always have the question of how does it remain balanced there so precariously.  Well, last Thanksgiving while driving by with my wife and daughter on our way to Monumnent Valley, we noticed an adventurous climber hanging off the side of the Mexican Hat Rock.  Now I wondered, isn't the climber in the least bit concerned that his weight hanging off the end of the rock going to cause it to tip over?  I guess not, as you can see in the follwoing images he made it safely on to the top!

It was an interesting sight to see.  I had always wondered if people had scaled the Mexican Hat Rock and now I had the opportunity to witness it.
Unfortunately we did not have the time to stay around long enough to get to talk with the climbers.

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