Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photographing Car Lights at Night is Fun!


Here is something fun that I have been doing of late on my trips to the Moab, Utah area and that is, taking pictures of cars going by at night.  These are time laps photos that make for a wonderful light show and I find them interesting and enjoyable to shoot.  The photo above was taken in Canyonlands National park at dusk.  It is a 30 second exposure with a motor home and a car going away from me and a motorcycle coming towards me.  I used a tripod of course, had the Camera ISO set at 100, the Lens Aperture set at 22 and the focus around the mid point.  With the Aperture set at 22, I was able to get the Star Burst affect at two points where the lights from the motorcycle were pointed more directly at the lens.

I have found that for me personally, photographing car lights at night takes a bit of pre-planning and then some trial and error to get the image that I am seeking.  It was certainly enjoyable trying to get the photo above.

Images of Car Lights at Night



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